The built-in screensavers on your AppleTV are a beauty to behold. Sometimes though, you just want to turn the lights down, switch off the TV’s display, and listen.

Fortunately, almost all modern LCD televisions have the feature of switching off the display’s backlight if the image is all black. This leaves your screen black and your audio just how you like it: undisturbed.

It does nothing else (why would it). Enjoy.

This application may seem pointless, but I’ve used this regularly on my AppleTV since Apple sold me one for a dollar. A few of my friends have asked me for a copy, and a trivial search of the web reveals many others want the same thing:

I (and my friends) think that this app provides valuable utility and enables people to do something they couldn’t do before, ie listen to their music with the display off without having to buy an HDMI splitter and an extra remote to control the volume. Here’s an example of one on Amazon: LiNKFOR HDMI Audio Extractor HDMI to Toslink Analog Stereo R/L Audio Converter.