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The Map - world maps, offline

The Map gives you offline maps of entire countries with just one download¹. The countries currently available are:

Other countries will become available over time, although specific requests will be processed sooner.

The Map allows you to:

★ Access maps offline for entire countries without connecting to any network. This even works in airplane mode.

★ Quickly access maps as all the data is on your device - no need to use the slow cellular network²

★ Search for any place name - this works for villages, towns and cities (and for postcodes in Great Britain too).

★ Use the in built GPS of the iPhone or iPad 3G to track your own position on the map³.

★ Support for importing GPX traces from other apps including Email, Safari and iTunes.

¹ The data is obtained from Geofabrik, who chop up OpenStreetMap's data into distinct countries. Each map is pretty big (currently they vary between 25MB and 2100MB), so to avoid using up your data allowance, they can only be downloaded over Wi-Fi (not 3G). Also, if a map feature isn't on OpenStreetMap yet, it won't be available in The Map.

² When the application starts for the first time, all the data for the first country you choose is downloaded. After that, the application never needs the network (unless you download another map).

³ This feature is limited on the iPod Touch and iPad WiFi, due to hardware constraints.


If you are experiencing problems with using the map, you can find answers to the most common issues on our support page.

If you are still having issues, or have any questions about The Map, please don't hesitate to contact us by email or you can find me on Twitter.